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[공유] F95 X5M 생산라인 사진 유출

고성능 SUV의 원조 X5의 M모델 사진이 유출되었습니다.

F95 X5M Competition LEAKED!!!
03-22-2019, 02:47 PM   # 1 euro* . 312 Rep 583 Posts Drives: F82 ZCP Join Date: Nov 2012 Location: N. Kore..

1. Powered by the F90 M5's S63 engine

2. May receive a very small power bump over the F90 M5's 600 HP

3. Production will begin in 2019 as a 2020 model year (in US)

4. Same M xDrive system and 8 speed automatic as the F90 M5

5. Competition model will feature more power than standard model

가족까지 만족시키는 M!! 회원님 중에서도 인도받으시는 분이 계시기를 기대해봅니다~ ^^

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