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Newest info updates: G80 M3 Pure, Base and Competition models
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January 2019 Update:
Build details for G80 M3
Starts production in 2020 (more likely later in the year).

Three performance levels: 444hp (Pure), 475hp ("base"), and 500hp (Competition).
-퓨어, 베이스, 컴페티션 세가지 퍼포먼스
Some versions will have RWD, others xDrive; both manual and automatic transmissions will be available. The reports that it will be Pure+manual+RWD, base+auto+xDrive, and Competition+auto+xDrive seem plausible but I don't yet want to claim that no other combos will be available.
- 퓨어 : 수동+후륜구동
베이스, 컴페티션: 오토매틱+사륜구동
Pure and base will have 18" front and 19" rear wheels; Competition will have 19"/20" as standard (optional on the other models).
- 퓨어 : 전륜 18인치, 후륜 19인치 조합
- 베이스, 컴페티션 : 전륜 19인치, 후륜 20인치 조합
Standard equipment for all models will include M diff, adaptive suspension, M seats, Live dashboard.
- 모든 모델에 엠디프, 어뎁티브 서스펜션, 엠시트, 라이브대시보드(이게 뭐죠?) 기본 사양
Optional equipment will be pretty much the same as the regular G20, with the notable additions of carbon ceramic brakes (possibly M3 Competition only) and of course Merino leather.
- 옵션장비는 일반 G20과 거의 같으며 G20과 차이는 카본세라믹 브레이크(컴페티션), 메리노 가죽 적용
See previous updates / main future info thread:

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